Sunday, January 1, 2017

Character Design - Winter Tree Lady Rough Sketch

Winter Tree Lady - Rough Sketch :)
My newest addition to my Tree Ladies. It’s going to take me a little while to figure out how best to wrap her hair around the pine tree. But i’ll figure it out ;).
 So goals for 2017 -
  • Winter Tree Lady (rough sketch in process)
  • Year of the Rooster themed tree (will be completed before Jan 28th)
  • New themed art book - theme traveling/journeys (to be completed by mid February)
  • Limited Edition prints to be completed for conventions I will be tabling at this year (so far Emerald City Comic Con and Fan Expo Dallas are the only for sure cons I will be at...I will let everyone know when more are added to the list).
  • At least one new print to be added to my online store each month
  • Finally finishing that maquette I started last year
  • Reopen Etsy and Storenvy stores - Done :D
  • Complete the commissions on my list (thank you to those that have been waiting on your completed commission...I promise to start getting those out very soon)
  • Add more commissions to my list ;)...(Commission info for those interested can be found here)
  • Freelance work (for freelance inquires contact me at
  • Continue to improve on my art :)
  • Annnnnddd answer my emails quicker -_-’
So those are my goals so far. I’m sure as time goes more will be added. But for now I think that is a good start. :D
Thank you to everyone that has followed me through this art adventure so far. I’m sorry I am not always able to respond to all the messages that you send. Just know that I ready do appreciate your kind words and likes so much! And I hope you’ll continue to stick by me on this journey. :D

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