Friday, October 21, 2016

Character Design - Mermaid at the Golden Pavilion

So i’ve been gone for awhile now. The reason for this was because I was visiting Japan :D. It was my first time out of the the US so I was both excited and nervous for the long flight across the ocean. It ended up being totally worth it. Japan was awesome! I took a lot of photos. I’ll probably draw some more characters the same way I drew this one as a way to show some of the photos I took. If you were wondering where this photo was taken it was in Kyoto at the Golden Pavilion. 
I also more then likely will be drawing more One Piece fan art also since I had the chance to go to Tokyo One Piece Tower while in Tokyo. It just lit a fire under my mini One Piece obsession ;P. I ended up buying a couple of One Piece character keychains that are now hanging proudly on my work bulletin board. Makes me smile. ;D

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