Friday, September 9, 2016

Etsy and Storenvy Update

So I understand there has been some issues with my Etsy store’s international shipping fees. For whatever reason the international shipping cost on Etsy is very high. I have not figured out a way to fix this or if there is even any way to do so. My Storenvy has been reopened for the time being. US orders on Etsy are cheaper for buyers since there is no handling fee but international orders even with the handling fee are cheaper on Storenvy only. I cannot speak for all international orders. Some countries fees have been higher then expected so if you have an international order on Storenvy that is more then what the shipping fee covers then I will email you to let you know and to give you the option to either supply the additional shipping cost or cancel the order if you wish. 
Sorry for the confusion with the above. Handling online stores has been a learning process but i’m trying to figure it out. I also appreciate anyone and everyone who has bought any of my products online. From books, to prints, T-shirts, and commissions. Your purchases our a great help to this freelancer trying to make a living with her art. ;)

It should also be noted that the zodiac greeting card deal for the month of September will also apply to my Storenvy too. :)
Etsy - Art Book Store  
Storenvy - Art Book Store  

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