Sunday, September 25, 2016

Character Design - Centaurs Rough Sketch

Here’s the rough sketch of the other two centaurs that did not make the cut. I plan to finish them up and post the finished design sometime this week. :D
On another note i’ve been debating opening a Patreon. I know when I first decided to become a freelance artist I threw out the idea of opening a Patreon. In the end I never started one. If I did open a Patreon it would just be me sharing more of my process work and the early sketches of some of my never come to be drawings and my final designs. I still plan to post on my other social sites. But on Patreon I would be showing some of the process and rough sketches I usually only share in my art books. I don’t know when or if this will come to be. If you think you may be interested in supporting me on Patreon let me know. Just so I have an idea if there is any interest for it. :)

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