Friday, March 18, 2016

Zodiac far ;)

So we are now officially at the halfway mark for the Zodiac Series! :) In the coming weeks I will finish this series in time for the next convention I plan to be tabling at (which at this time will be Space City Comic Con in Houston on May 27-29th). At the convention I will be selling prints of all these lovely ladies and more of my artwork that I can finish before then that I think is printable. I’m also getting an art sketchbook together to sell as well that will have my process sketches and other finished work. 
If you aren't able to attend the convention and wish to still buy one of my prints you can find them all on my online store here. :)
I am also available for commission and freelance work. Commissions have been steady and I’d love to keep it like that. So if you are interested in seeing your character brought to life in my style please feel free to contact me. You can find my commission info here. :D If you wish to discuss freelance work feel free to email me at :D 

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