Monday, February 1, 2016

Character Design: My Little Pony Seahorses

So I have a secret obsession with blind boxes. It started with Kidrobot’s Dunny series and has now crossed over to Funko’s My Little Pony blind boxes. I started watching the newest version of the My Little Pony show to see what the hype was about and bought one of the My Little Pony blind boxes on a whim. OMG those little ponies statues are so adorable! As a kid I watched the old version of My Little Pony. I had a few of the pony dolls (sadly not anymore). My favorite was the seahorse My Little pony doll. I think it would be so cool if they created some of the seahorse ponies as blind boxes. I don’t think they have the seahorse ponies on the new show. So I created my own :D. From left to right its...Capricorn, Siren, and Banana ;P

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