Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Character Design - Tree Warrior "Cedar" (Rough Sketch)

Tree Warrior “Cedar” (Rough Sketch)
So this is the plan for these Tree characters. I’ll post the rough sketch on my Tumblr daily (or as close to daily as I can ;)). On the weekends I’ll go back and finish the designs on all the tree warrior rough sketches I have accumulated over the week. so not only do I have a lineup of some new characters for my portfolio..but you also get a taste of my thought process with seeing where a rough sketch can start off with and what it looks like in the final design. :D
So you may be thinking where is this going? What are these characters for? I honestly don’t know yet? It’s just a fun side project to unwind as I continue to work on a freelance project, my personal comic project (TBA later), and of course commissions (currently i have taken on probably more commissions then I realistically should have...but just know they all will be completed :D...and if you decide you want to add to my ever growing list of commissions please feel free to do so by emailing me at Just know that commissions wait time may be a little bit of a wait for now.
As some of you may know I am new to this “making a living off my art” as a freelancer. I am learning everyday how to make this work. There have been some hiccups. But that is to be expected ;). Later this year I will be looking to Patreon to help aid me financially. The Patreon I open will revolve more around the TBA comic project I mentioned as well as give people more of an opportunity to see more rough sketches and process work of the comic and my other works. I’m not opening that Patreon yet not only because I want to make sure I have the content needed but also because I want to give people the opportunity to see my work (rough sketches and process work now on all my my social sites before I make it exclusive to Patreon. Your support of my Patreon (when it is opened) will be greatly appreciated as that will be another way to help support me to continue to create art. I will still be posting most of my final designs on my social sites so even if you are not able to aid me financially on Patreon you can still see my work. :D
In other news I am also working on some new designs for prints..yay :D. As they are finished I’ll add them to my online store. I am currently looking at conventions in or that are close to Texas to set up a table in artist alley to sell some of these prints. Nothing is official yet as i am waiting for the sign up for most of these conventions. But if anyone thinks they know of a convention in Texas that I should take a look at please feel free to let me know ;D. Or if anyone knows when these conventions are opening up exhibitor registration that would be awesome if you could let me know.....I keep looking but they don’t seem to give dates on most of these. ;P
If you have read all of the above...Thank you! :D I know it was lot to get through and I apologize for any spelling or grammar issues. ;)

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