Saturday, December 5, 2015

Character Design - Jessi-Catastrophe

What seems like forever ago I was at Ringling College of Art and Design working on my bachelors for computer animation. While I was there a friend of mine decided to create superhero alter egos for a bunch of us. I was Jessi-Catastrophe. Why? I honestly don’t remember the backstory or why the name stuck. Good times though ;). 
I decided to revisit the idea of Jessi-Catastophe and create a new character out of her. Her new powers are object Based. The jade stone bracelet is what gives her the power to control the Jade Eye. With the Jade Eye she can create a cat spectral to do her bidding. She is able to create a variety of different cat breeds depending on the situation that she may be faced with. 
I have a whole backstory in my head for this character. So I may need to explore her character with some more drawings soon. ;)

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