Monday, November 30, 2015

Character Design: Turkey Hat and Thank you

You ever wonder what the character’s body is doing after you drew just a bust of their head. I decided to answer that question ;P. Her head is all dressed up but the rest of her is not quite ready yet. ;)
Quick update - Thank you everyone that has requested a commission or is currently waiting on the completions of their commission request. Y’all are awesome! I have throughly been enjoying the opportunity to draw such diverse group of characters. I am still currently taking commission requests. There is a list so any new requests may face a bit of a wait. 
Also I am looking for new freelance opportunities. If anyone has an art job out their that needs a character designer/visual development artist/illustrator I am available. ;)
As most of you know I made the leap to deciding to live off my art just a few months ago. I have been promising an online store for some prints for quite a while. And honestly an online store will probably really help me at this point with those everyday unexpected costs that seem to keep popping up. I will be choosing three of my drawings to start off in the store. Sorry the Disney princess warriors will not be a print I will offer. Those characters belong to Disney. And while I plan to continue the series I will not sell any prints of them. I do plan to have some fun characters of my own to offer for prints still :D. The goal is to have a new print every month. I’ve put in my request with a website to sell my prints and once I get the okay that the store is up I will post the link here. :)
Thank you everyone that follows me (10,000 followers on Tumblr..Yay :D ) and that has liked my work or offered encouraging words. It has really helped me feel that I am on the right track as I continue to grow and learn as an artist. Much appreciation to all of you! :D 

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