Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Dallas Fan Expo 2015 Prints

So there was a moment of worry last night when I got an email from UPS stating my package containing all my prints for the fan expo this weekend was delayed. Luckily my local printer was amazing enough to be able to do a last minute order to make sure I have prints to sell for the show starting Friday. I expect my UPS package will be here in time for at least part of the show pending the flood waters recede. If you happen to be in Dallas this weekend come and check out the Dallas Fan Expo. I will be selling all the prints pictured plus two more that I forgot to take out of there packaging :P. The Painting the Stars and Cricket Warrior will be limited prints….I only got five of each printed….I never planned to sell them as prints…but once I learned about the other prints delay I decided to add them to the mix this once since my second order will be limited as I wait for the delivery from UPS. Also in the bottom left corner of the picture you’ll notice a bookmark….every purchase from me this weekend…including commissions…you will get a free bookmark (while supplies last) …yay :D

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