Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Captain America Chick

First off I'd like to give a mini shout out to Staple! The Independent Media Expo 2014 and all the people that participated and attended the event. It was awesome fun! There were some amazing artist in attendance.....just very nice people all together were present. I definitely hope to participate in this event again in the future.

This drawing is actually a clean up/total redo of a sketch I did while sitting at my table during Staple weekend. The sketch was honestly terrible...just a total mess. But it was based off this girl that had dressed up as a female version of Captain America. Her costume was amazing and I felt it deserved a second go in photoshop this time. I really need to get used to drawing in my sketchbook again....I think I have become to reliant on my ctrl+ z button to fix my mistakes when drawing in photoshop. ;) I'm also trying out new ways to color my characters with different is a work in progress learning new skills. :)

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