Thursday, December 19, 2013

Steampunk Girl Process Fun

This was another assignment for the Fundamentals of Character Design class on CGMA. I thought it would be fun to include a little of my process work. There is step 01 of working out the key pose…then step 02 trying to work in some details to make it an interesting character….then step 3 putting down solid lines and making final decisions…then finally step 4 is coloring the character. It is actually a little more complicated then my four step system. There was much erasing and obviously from step 2 to 3 the character changed a lot.  Every character is a different challenge in itself…some basically draw themselves…others take more time and a lot of different layers to work out what is in my head. ;)

If anyone out there is looking to take an online course to help improve their drawing skills I highly recommend the classes at CGMA. I feel that the Fundamentals of Character Class instructed by Brett Bean helped me immensely in seeing the areas I need to improve in my character work. The class has ended but from what I have learned during the eight week course I hope to continue to improve my character designs daily. :)

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